At Calvary Church we believe that life-changing student ministry is built on meaningful relationships between adult leaders and students.

The quality of our Illuminate Youth Ministry staff is most important.  We have many men and women who have a strong commitment to Christ and a desire to impact the lives of teens.  Because we value and believe in this ministry, we value and depend on a strong leadership team.

Illuminate Youth Leadership Team

Our leadership team strives to be a significant part of our students’ lives; as we celebrate their victories, help them through their struggles, and guide them on their spiritual journey.   Working with students is an exciting and challenging adventure that leads to many rewards.  The needs of the students are great, but the potential is even greater.

As leaders, we are also serious about students’ physical, emotional and spiritual safety. All of Calvary Church’s leaders, staff members, and volunteers are screened and have obtained all the mandatory clearances required in Pennsylvania. These include a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background check, a Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint clearance, and a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History clearance. These clearances are kept up to date as required by law.

If you are interested in working with students and being part of the Illuminate Youth Ministry leadership team, let us know.  You don’t need to be trendy, cool, or use the newest social media apps.  We are looking for people who are caring, committed, authentic, and teachable. You are guaranteed an adventure!  Please feel free to contact us!