Faith Works

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Faith Prays

In James chapter 4, James addresses the source of external conflicts among God’s people. He reveals that the root of their problem was a failure of faith evidenced by a failure to pray.  God is willing to meet our needs, but He chooses to do so in response to prayer that is properly motivated!

No Little People

We tend to separate people into categories of “important people” and “unimportant people”; “significant people” and “insignificant people”; “BIG people” and “little people”.  In God’s Kingdom, there are no little people. Our faith leads us to see all people through God’s eyes, freeing us from the trap of treating some people like trash to be discarded and others like celebrities to be worshipped.

Faith Talks

Our faith impacts every area of life, even our speech. In this weeks message we will learn about the power of our words and gain some wisdom that will enable and equip us to speak words that build up and bring life rather than tear down and bring death.