COVID UPDATE FOR THE FALL: You can continue to come on the second Tuesday of every month. The time is 9am-11am with a DRIVE-THROUGH, no-contact pickup.

Pull up next to the church’s kitchen door. It is the first door on the lower side of the building. (7910 Washington Lane, Wyncote, 19095). Volunteers will bring out bagged groceries and put them in your car. Volunteers will wear masks and take other safety precautions to protect you.

What to expect on your first visit: On your first visit, please bring some identification that includes your home address. You will fill out a short intake form.

Who we serve: You are eligible if you reside in Cheltenham, Jenkintown or Springfield township. We use the following chart on monthly income based on the number of people in the household. No documentation for household income is needed.


For donations: We accept all shelf-stable items that are not expired. We will also accept frozen, fresh, and bakery donations when we have the storage space.

Contact information for donations: Please call the church office if you want to drop donated goods: 215-886-0404