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Two challenges for the church

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Over the past several years it has become clear that the church is facing two significant challenges:  Many Christians are both over-taught and biblically illiterate. But wait, isn’t that statement self-contradictory? How can we be over educated and under educated about our faith? LOTS OF TEACHING but…LACK OF LEARNING THE TRUTH In some churches lots of teaching and learning takes place, but the teaching is biblically deficient which leads to learning little about God and His will. Many sermons that come from preachers today are more aligned with pop psychology than scripture. In 2 Timothy 3:7 Paul described a group of women who were being led astray by false teachers […]

Did you hear about Bubbles, Buddies & Books?

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Bubbles, Buddies, and Books is the name of a “mommy and me” playgroup for moms and their preschool age children.  They had their first get together this past Thursday and had a blast. This is a great opportunity for moms of preschoolers to develop Christ-centered, life-giving relationships with other moms while their children enjoy fun and educational activities. If you want to join the next gathering just contact Pastor Christine.