PennDel Youth Convention 2018 turned out to be a fantastic time for the teens of Illuminate Youth Ministries.  Our teens had the opportunity to hear from Austin Jones, a missionary to Alaska for the past 13 years.  He delivered messages and told stories to encourage our teens make a permanent place for God in their lives, as well as letting the Holy Spirit completely take over our lives.  Teens were told that when the Holy Spirit’s power comes upon them, that the rest of the world would not see them, but see Jesus instead.  Teens were led through praise & worship by singing by Sean Curran, who did an excellent job of authentically explaining why we were worshipping and the reason for why we spend time singing songs to God.

In addition to the preaching and music, our teens were ministered to by multiple testimonies.  They got to hear from a former high school student, who held a rally at their school, and over 100 teens gave their lives to Jesus as a result!  They also got to hear from Carson Wentz, who encouraged the teens to not be afraid to stand up for their faith.  My hope is that years from now, YOUR teens will be the ones giving testimonies of how God moved in their lives to change their schools and communities, and hundreds came to Christ because they heard the Gospel from your kids.

If you helped sponsor a child to go to Youth Convention, “THANK YOU!!!  One of the sponsored teens said she was “introduced to a whole new level of Christ and my relationship with him.”  That would not have been possible without your support.