On August 27th, I concluded our Sunday series of messages on the subject of drawing near to God with a message from Psalm 57. I encourage those of you to watch the message online. Prayer is the natural response of those who recognize they need God and believe that God is willing and able to meet our needs. It is also the natural response of those who love God (Psalm 63:1)

In August we also concluded our 21-day season of drawing near to God in prayer. It has been great to see so many wearing the Pray First wristbands which were created for us by Rapid Wristbands. I was especially blessed the other day when, as I was meeting with a young man in his early 20’s, I noticed he was wearing one of our Pray First wristbands. I trust that wearing it daily will help you remember to make prayer your first response rather than your last resort.

I am sure you are all praying for those who are suffering from the horrific flooding in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. In addition to prayer, practical assistance is necessary. We are blessed to have a wonderful humanitarian relief organization affiliated with our Assemblies of God Network (Denomination). Convoy of Hope has been involved in disaster response, bringing relief to the hurting, for over two decades. They have been on the ground in Texas since Hurricane Harvey hit the coast.

If you would like to donate to help Convoy of Hope bring relief to those affected by this unprecedented disaster, you can give online through the Calvary app. Make sure you designate your contribution to Convoy of Hope. To read and hear more about how Convoy of Hope responds to natural disasters go HERE.