June 4, 2017

I am respectfully submitting my letter of resignation as the Equipping and Connections Pastor of Calvary Church effective June 29, 2017. Christina and I have counted it an honor and privilege to serve here for eight years; to think Alayna was one month old when we started the interview process with Pastor John. Calvary Church has, in many ways, become our family. Calvary Church has been the place where my children have come to know Jesus in a community (and that daddy and mommy are still daddy and mommy regardless of where we are).

When I accepted and started my position as Children’s Pastor back on June 1, 2009; I would have never imagined the life and ministry I have been blessed with here at Calvary. God has been good to the Torres Family. There is a story in the Old Testament (Exodus 13:21) of God leading the children of Israel by cloud (during the day) and fire (during the night). When the cloud and fire moved, they moved, and when it stayed, they stayed. It did not matter where the cloud or fire went, it did, however, matter if the children of Israel followed. God’s direction for one’s life is only clear when they look back; however, obedience to God is ever crystal in the present. For Christina and I, we want to be obedient to God and follow Him even if “where” is not as clear as “follow.” Christina and I sincerely pray that our ministry here has blessed you as you have undoubtedly blessed us! If there is ever a lesson we could leave behind, it would be, follow God! God can lead you places you have yet to dream of.

With a full heart!

Reverend Joshua J. Torres, M.A., PCC Equipping and Connections Pastor