john4By Pastor Dana

We see Jesus traveling from Judea to Galilee. On His journey, Jesus encounters two individuals, a Samaritan Woman and a royal official.  They are from two different backgrounds and life styles.

“Now he had to go through Samaria.”

Jesus tired from the journey sits at Jacob’s well and engages a Samaritan woman. He shares things about her life, past and present.  She knows these things to be true.  He listens as she shares what she believes. He acknowledges that she knows of the Messiah, but doesn’t worship Him. Jesus tells her what he is looking for, “True worshippers, those that shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth”.  Her heart is pricked and she realizes Jesus is the Messiah.  The Samaritan woman went back to town and told the people all about her encounter with Jesus.  Many believed because of her witness, and many more believed after their encounter with Jesus.

Do you remember your first encounter with Jesus?  He showed you your sin and then forgave you. Did this so excite you that you couldn’t keep it to yourself?  Jesus wants us to keep that excitement.  May we meet Jesus daily at the well and ask for “Living Water.”

“Then when he was come into Galilee.”

Jesus’ next encounter is with a certain royal official near his home town.  As Jesus nears Galilee he makes a statement “A prophet has no honor in his own country.” (being so familiar with Jesus that we no longer recognize His deity).  The royal official sought out Jesus and begged Him to heal his son, who was about to die.  However, Jesus wanted to make sure the royal official believed in Him and not in just signs and wonders. Jesus knew the heart’s desire of the official and at that point said, “Go your way: your son lives.” As a result, the official and his entire house believed.

Have you become so familiar with Jesus that intimacy has been lost and you no longer see His deity? Do you seek His presence and desire to submit to His deity?  May we honor Him by seeking His presence and serving Him.

Father, forgive us for taking you for granted.  Forgive us for wanting things and not intimacy with you. May we humble ourselves and seek to be true worshippers. May we Go in Power SHOWING and TELLING the Good News.