john2By Rick Dodridge

This chapter outlines Jesus first recorded miracle when he was 30 years old. He had been invited to a wedding ceremony, probably someone close to his family, and while there, the wine ran out. Mary, his mother came to him and asked him to help. His respectful reply to her was that “Woman, my time has not yet come”. Undaunted, Mary in her faith of her son as the Son of God, told the attendants to “do whatever he tells you to do”. Jesus then told the attendants to get 6 stone water jars and fill them with water. Then he told them to dip some out and take to the master of ceremonies. When the master of ceremonies took a taste, he said usually the best wine is served first but you have “kept the best till last”!

What can we learn from the first miracle Jesus performed?

First, we are learning to trust our Lord for the daily needs of our lives. Here at a wedding feast, people are fellowshipping, sharing in relationship with each other and an issue arises. How many times in a day do issues arise in our lives? Mary turned to her son to help with that issue, knowing that he could help. It’s not only the “major life issues” that we can turn to God for. He wants to bring the supernatural into the natural in the daily activities of our lives.

Second is timing. What was Mary’s faith response to Jesus saying “My time has not yet come.”? It is interesting to note the dynamics of Mother and Son and then Child of God to Messiah! Mary had raised Jesus but she was acutely aware that he was divine. She knew he had wisdom, even from the time he was 12 years old and in the temple saying, “I must be about my Father’s business”. Even though Jesus said his time had not yet come, Mary had faith that Jesus could help in the “issues of daily life”. She had seen it many times. We need to trust God that when we ask him for anything, that he will answer in his perfect time, not ours. This happened to be an instantaneous miracle. Often we are lured by the glamour and glitter of worldly things and instant gratification, however there is much spiritual significance in the “best was kept till last.” Let’s wait for God’s best, not take the big or little things in our own hands. God’s timing is perfect as we learn to trust him for his provision, protection and guidance.

And lastly, our response should be the same as the disciples. “The disciple’s faith grew”. Alexander MacClaren said “Our faith ought to be continuously and increasingly responsive to His continuous manifestations of Himself which we can all find in our own experience.” Whenever God speaks to us or reveals himself to us, we always need to respond in faith. Believe that he will help us just as Jesus helped that day with his first miracle!

Prayer: Lord help me today to believe you for both great and small things. I will today be connected to the vine and trust that “whatever I ask in your name will be done”! John 15:7,8. Teach me to seek you trust you with all my heart today and wait patiently for your perfect timing to my requests! Thank you Lord! Amen.