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Sermon Reflection: Have You Been Re-created?

by Christopher Pender

For those of you who drive, have you ever missed an exit or a road sign while looking in your rearview mirror? I believe that’s how many of us live our lives. We keep looking back at our past; therefore, we cannot see what God has set before us. We concentrate on our past hurts, […]

All in the Family: Beth Cozzolino’s Triumphant Journey Through Cancer

by Cynthia Graham

All in the Family is a new Calvary Church Newsletter column dedicated to you, the Calvary Church family. It is a forum where we will share the individual stories of people and families in our church, with topics ranging from miraculous healings and deliverances, to those of overcoming difficult life circumstances, as well as incredible […]

What’s Your Calvary Story?

by Cynthia Graham

It was the autumn of 2009 and I was a spiritual wreck. You know, smiling on the outside, but severely broken on the inside. This personal admission is probably one of the most common refrains heard in Christian circles, at least among the brave who would admit it, and four years ago I found myself […]