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Sermon Reflection – Passover: A Story Picturing our Redemption

by admin

Certainly if you were in attendance to hear Pastor John preach this sermon, you would agree it was quite a treat. It was a five-sense experience of the feast of Passover. Both children and adults stood in line at three identical tables for an interactive learning experience. We tasted the parsley dipped in salt water […]

Sermon Reflection: Courageous!

by Christopher Pender

Last Sunday, as I sat through Pastor John’s teaching on the importance of being courageous, I was reminded of a moment on fear and faith that I shared with my son. My son was around 13 years of age and playing baseball on the traveling team. He was pretty good for his age and enjoyed […]

Sermon Reflection: Have You Been Re-created?

by Christopher Pender

For those of you who drive, have you ever missed an exit or a road sign while looking in your rearview mirror? I believe that’s how many of us live our lives. We keep looking back at our past; therefore, we cannot see what God has set before us. We concentrate on our past hurts, […]

Sermon Reflection ‘Be The Church’

by Christopher Pender

One of the great reasons for attending Calvary Church is the rich word and lessons of Pastor John and his pastoral staff. Over the last six weeks, Pastor John has taught on the topic titled, “Be the Church,” which consisted of a series of subtopics, including “Who and Why,” “What and How,” “Truth,” “Serving,” “Your […]