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End of August newsletter

by Pastor Randy

On August 27th, I concluded our Sunday series of messages on the subject of drawing near to God with a message from Psalm 57. I encourage those of you to watch the message online. Prayer is the natural response of those who recognize they need God and believe that God is willing and able to […]

Calvary’s Annual Prayer Retreat A Success

by Cynthia Graham

Last Saturday, about 50 people from Calvary gathered at the Valley Forge Christian Conference Center for a power-packed day at the annual Calvary Church Prayer Retreat. The one-day event served as a dedicated time for church leaders and members to seek God for His vision for their lives and the church in 2014. The retreat […]

Resolve to Spend Time In Prayer In the New Year

by Cynthia Graham

With just a little over one week into 2014, it comes as no surprise that it’s open season for New Year’s resolutions. From the usual suspects of kicking those not-so-good eating habits (note to self) and making ample use of that gym membership purchased the day after Thanksgiving, to more savvy ones like learning a […]

A Weekend of Prayer, Praise & Promise

by Cynthia Graham

It was a weekend unlike any other in the history of Calvary Church. First, a 12-hour prayer vigil held on Saturday, November 16 helped set the tone for the monumental event that would unfold the next day. Then, on Sunday, November 17, Calvary hosted its first-ever Celebration Sunday—a day when men, women and children presented […]

Growing In Faith In 2013

by Pastor Devin

As the New Year has arrived, it’s a great opportunity to take an inventory of our lives and start the year fresh.  With the many resolutions of eating better, exercising, or organizing our lives, I pray that all of us would have a desire to “Grow in our Faith” as well! How can we grow […]

We Are Many

by Pastor Josh

Today I was greeted with the news of an elementary school shooting in Connecticut.  I cannot begin to understand what the parents, relatives and friends of those children must be going through right now. Our prayers are with them. We pray God’s mercy on them and we pray the peace of Christ be with them […]

Take Your Place

by Pastor Alex

This past Sunday, Pastor John said the following:  It reminded me of a song by Jon Thurlow called “Take Your Place,” that simply says: Come and take Your place in the center of our hearts, come and take Your place; it’s where you belong. (You can check the song out here) Such a simple chorus, but […]

Christians And Politics

by Pastor Andrew

As I write this on Tuesday morning, November 6th, 2012, I’m convinced today is the day that Christians are most divided this year. Why? Because by the end of the day we will know whom our 45th president of the United States will be. As Christians many of us feel that there is clearly one […]

Reflections on “The Circle Maker”

by Kathe Holt

During this fall spiritual emphasis, we at Calvary Church have been studying Mark Batterson’s book “The Circle Maker”, so much to think about, so much to ponder. I’ve been captivated by this thought expressed by Mark Batterson, “Our lack of faith causes us to forfeit miracles.”  As Christians we are always seeking more faith…if I […]