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Introducing Next-Gen and Equipping & Connections Ministries

by admin

Today we are introducing a change in our pastoral team. Not a change in who is on the team, but a change in what they do. Many of you are aware of these changes because you serve as leaders and team members. Change is not a new dynamic for God’s people or for Calvary Church. […]

Two Shall Become One: A Calvary Church Love Story

by Cynthia Graham

Four couples. Ten questions. Lots of great stories. Tons and tons of love. When the inspiration came to write a special Valentine’s Day feature, I thought it would be great to share the love stories of a few Calvary Church couples. Some years ago, I’d read that if couples easily smiled when recounting the details […]

All in the Family: Beth Cozzolino’s Triumphant Journey Through Cancer

by Cynthia Graham

All in the Family is a new Calvary Church Newsletter column dedicated to you, the Calvary Church family. It is a forum where we will share the individual stories of people and families in our church, with topics ranging from miraculous healings and deliverances, to those of overcoming difficult life circumstances, as well as incredible […]

Samuel Blankenbiller’s Dedication & Story

by Pastor Devin

God led us to begin the adoption process almost three years ago. Although there are many children who need families here in the states, we chose to adopt internationally because the number of orphans in third world countries is nothing short of staggering, approximately five million in Ethiopia alone!  We waited for about two years […]

Cookie Jar Chronicles: Mark Hengst – Running the Race That’s Set Before Him

by Cynthia Graham

Calvary Church Newsletter’s Cookie Jar Chronicles is a special column dedicated to highlighting church members who ‘get caught’ doing something good for the church, others or the community, both locally and abroad. It’s meant to surprise. So, keep doing the good you’re doing…because you never know who is watching. If you would like to submit someone […]

What’s Your Calvary Story?

by Cynthia Graham

It was the autumn of 2009 and I was a spiritual wreck. You know, smiling on the outside, but severely broken on the inside. This personal admission is probably one of the most common refrains heard in Christian circles, at least among the brave who would admit it, and four years ago I found myself […]