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Remix Youth: On a Mission to Fulfill The Great Commission

by Cynthia Graham

All summer long, Calvary’s Remix Youth Ministry has been on a mission to fulfill The Great Commission—Jesus’ instruction to believers to go into the world and spread the good news of the Gospel. A little over a week ago, the group returned from its second of two summer mission assignments following an eight-day stint in […]

Long Days, Great Ministry, One More to Go!

by Pastor Devin

  Day 4 and 5 (Thursday and Friday) have been so jammed packed with ministry, I didn’t even have time to blog.  Each day we started the day with Picking up trash and cleaning up the community.   Then Sports camp in the hot heat of the afternoon, Park outreach, dinner and park outreach again. […]

Having Fun While Sharing Gods Love

by Jacqueline Brown

After watching puppets accept Jesus into their “stuffing”, kids in Baltimore on Tuesday accepted Jesus into their hearts. The day started off with Mega Sports Camp where the Remix Youth helped Holy Hand Leaders coach Basketball, Cheerleading, Soccer and Football. Kids were able to have fun playing as well as learning about the love of […]

Training in the Past, Ministry upon us!

by Pastor Devin

Yesterday we finished our second day of Training.  Students spent time learning new garbonics skits, a new human video, and 2 puppet show routines, all with Evangelism training interspersed throughout the day.  It was a long day, but another good day, and I was again very thankful and impressed with the students focus and commitment to […]

Arrived Safely in Baltimore!

by Pastor Devin

We thank God for His Protection!  We arrived Safely in Baltimore at around 7:10 pm.  We were an hour late due to lots of traffic on 95, however we were just thankful to be here safe and together! When we arrived, we had introductions with our Holy Hands team, which comprises of 3 staff and […]

Baltimore Mission is Upon Us!

by Pastor Devin

On August 4th, 18 students and 7 leaders will be traveling to Baltimore to work with Holy Hands Ministry and the local church as we share the love of Jesus.  Last year, we also were in Baltimore and saw great fruit from our labors.  Last weekend, July 25th-27th our team was involved in serving with […]