Sermons by Pastor Devin Blankenbiller

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Parting Words – Remix


Pastor Devin shares 9 different “Sound Biblical Teachings” that he encouraged his students to “hold fast” to in the years to come.  The teaching was based out of 2 Timothy 1:13. Those 9 teachings were God is Greater than you will ever realize God is always with us Life is short, Eternity is long Hell […]

3 Legged Stool – Life-Groups


Pastor Devin talks to students about how our faith stands on a 3 legged stool.  If any of these legs are pulled away, our faith will crumble.  Those three things are 1) Time in God’s Word, 2) Time in Prayer, 3) Time encouraging other believers!  This is the vision of why we do Life-Groups at […]

Jacob and Esau


Pastor Devin shares the story of Jacob and Esau and relates to to the divide was not only going on between two brothers, but that is going on inside of each of our hearts every day.

Cain and Able


At Remix, Pastor Devin looks at the story from Genesis 4 on Cain and Able.  There is a strong warning for all of us to be careful because of the price for allowing sin to enter our lives, and the price of not giving our best to God.

Remain In Me


At Remix the Students read through John 15:1-9 looking at how important it is to “Remain in God” if we hope to have a relationship with God.  Also, Pastor Devin had some students share about what it is like to Talk to God and to Listen to God.

Explicit Love

Pastor Devin shares on Youth Sunday about how God explicitly demonstrated His love to us through Jesus. He highlights the fact that there is nothing we can do to earn this love and how we must respond to it!