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21 Days in John: Chapter 21

by admin

By Rita Leinheiser Dr. James MacDonald from “Walk in the Word” ministries titles his study on John 21, “WHEN I NEED HIM MOST”.   This essay is derived from his commentary and will always be one of my favorites. John 21 begins with the apostles being confused about “what’s next”.  They had followed Jesus for three […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 20

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By Wendell Scanterbury Confused and overwhelmed don’t adequately describe how the disciples felt following Jesus’ crucifixion. Their disbelief and bewilderment only intensified with the news of his missing body. Not much made sense in light of his brutal beating and murder. It was just as unbelievable and confusing, though profoundly relieving to hear and see […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 19

by Pastor Josh

Christ Crucified, by Pastor Josh Pilate went out again and said to them, “See, I am bringing him out to you that you may know that I find no guilt in him.” John 19:4 John accounts for us the brutal beating of Christ (v.3), the thorns that were placed on his head (v. 5), the […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 18

by Pastor Josh

By Pastor Josh “Who do you seek… I am He!” John 18:4,5 John 18 talks about the moment of betrayal from both Judas and Peter. Judas hands Jesus over for 30 pieces of silver and Peter denies Christ just to stay out of the commotion. It also speaks of the Jews choosing Barabbas over Christ. […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 17

by Pastor Alex

By Pastor Alex So much could be said about John 17. This prayer between Jesus and the Father reveal much about the divine relationship and the heart of our God. A few quick thoughts: Jesus begins by speaking of His mission – to reveal the heart of the Father on earth and bring eternal life. […]

21 Days of John: Chapter 16

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John 16 by Melvin Hartwick Jesus has spoken to his disciples several times in the Gospel of John about opposition or persecution and in the opening verses of this chapter, he closes out his warning from the end of the last chapter.  Why would Jesus speak so much about such a “negative” topic, even warning […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 15

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By Chris Pender As I read John 15 I can’t help but think about my relationship with my own father. As a youth growing up in North Philadelphia my dad would say  “Remember that you are connected to me and my last name so make certain your conduct reflect the way you were raised and […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 14

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By Pastor Randy John chapter 14 records the continuation of Jesus conversation with His disciples regarding His imminent departure. The purpose of Jesus’ words in this chapter is to assure His disciples that they don’t need to be troubled by His departure because: He is going to return and take them to be with Him. […]

21 Days in John: Chapter 13

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By Dave Biddle This is one of the chapters is the bible that every time I read it , it make me laugh. It is a very serious time and Jesus is preparing the disciples for his leaving of this world and he does it though the washing of the disciples feet. When he comes […]