Our Mission: Learning, Living, and Sharing the Good News of Jesus.

Calvary Church is a multicultural Christian community that meets in the Wyncote, PA area. We are just a mile north of Philadelphia! As our name, mission, and logo suggest, we are all about Jesus! Yes, we are different and from many tongues, tribes, ethnicities, colors, languages, and backgrounds.  Yes, we are not yet shaped perfectly, but Jesus is the person who unites us! At Calvary Church you can experience the difference Jesus makes too, regardless of your background or situation.

Services – Our services include song (worship and praise) and Bible teaching. Our singing is an act of praise to God; feel free to sit, stand, kneel, dance, and just be yourself! This is followed by a 30 to 45 minute message.

Dress – You’ll see everything from jeans to suits to cultural inspired atire.

Children – If you have children (from birth to 12 years), they can participate in our fun (and safe!) Children’s ministry during each service (located on our lower level). We also have a mother and baby room equipped with live video feed of the service.

  • Our Teaching
  • Our Worship

We preach Jesus!

This means we teach from the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus. As a church family our focus is on learning how to live the Good News of Jesus in every area of our lives. That means we will talk about growing in character, and making wise choices about life. And we will talk about fulfillment in life, and marriage, and relationships, and wise management of life’s resources. All if this and much more is wrapped up in Jesus!

Sometimes we will teach from the Bible on a particular topic, and other times we will go through some portion or book of the Bible and talk about life application. Usually we spend about 40 minutes, but you can check this out for yourself online. Listen or read and you will get a sense of why the Bible is so important to how we live our daily lives.

At Calvary Church our worship is an expression of our love for God. We seek to love God in vibrant worship, passionate and Holy Spirit empowered prayer, and with obedient and generous giving of our lives and resources.  We see many of expressions of worship throughout the Bible, and we desire to incorporate those expressions in our times together. This includes singing, praying, praise, raising of hands, celebration, communion, musical instruments, clapping, dancing, water baptism, and so on.

We also believe that worship helps prepare our hearts and minds to hear the word and to respond to that word. Our atmosphere is casual and free. Our style is contemporary and modern. Most of the time we incorporate a full band; drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitar, and so on. We sing everything from rock-based contemporary songs to ancient hymns! We love that our congregation is diverse and enjoy the many styles and expressions of music and worship!

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