john3By Pastor Isaac

As we look at John chapter 3, notice the contrasts or dualistic writing that John uses. For example: Flesh vs. Spirit (vv.6) Earthly vs. heavenly (vs. 12 and 31) He who believes, he who does not believe. That is he who has faith, he who does not have faith (v. 15, 16, 18). Saved vs. perished (16 & 17), he who is judged, he who is not judged (vs. 18) and finally light vs. dark (vs. 19-21).

The tension here is that there is a heavenly order and a fallen order. The condition of every person is that we, by nature, by action and by will are sinful. There is no good deed, amount we can give or amount we can serve to earn relationship with God. As we see in the story of Nicodemus (1-21) as well as the exhortation of John (22-36), the only solution to the problem of sin is “new-birth” or “new life”, a gift from God that cannot be earned or achieved by human efforts (vv.27).

So, whether you have been a Christian for a long while or are just curious to learn more, every single person is left with the same tension. We are dead in sin and in desperate need of new life, a gift that only Jesus gives.

As followers of Jesus, we must first be thankful for this gift. It is completely underserved. This is an act of love from God to us. Only God can make dead souls alive again. So reflect on His underserved grace. Thank Him for new life. Reflect on the character of God that He would go to any length to save broken people like you and like me.

Secondly, reflect on these questions: Is my life reflecting my new life in Christ? Have my actions, words and will been out of the overflow of my salvation in Jesus? What is in my life that I must turn from so that I can run toward Jesus? Imagine for a moment what it would look like if we truly allow Jesus’ grace to move us to action as we reflect. What could that do for our lives? Marriages? Children? The way we view people? The way we view God?  New life in Jesus is the one thing that changes everything.