DTSE-LOGOIf you missed week 1 of our new series “death to selfie” you missed out! We want you to stay in the loop so here is a quick recap about what students at Remix discussed last week.

Week 1 of our series was all about “contentment”. In our social media driven culture it is so easy for teenagers and adults to fall into the trap of comparison. Eventually, comparison leads to discontentment when we perpetually compare our “behind the scenes” to everyone else “highlights reels”.

When we look to scripture we see that the mark of a holy (set apart) life is one that is content in the person and presence of Jesus (Philippians 4:10-13) . In fact, James tells us that comparison at its root is “demonic” (James 3:14-16). ┬áSo how do we kill comparison?

By Gods grace, we kill comparison with gratitude. We ask the Holy Spirit to change the position of our hearts from comparison to contentment in Christ. In Jesus we have eternal value. There is nothing bigger than that!

The challenge this week was for students to fast all social media platforms and ask the Holy Spirit to show them their eternal value in Christ instead of in comparison.