12821591_805648616213566_95480156512403788_nHello Remix parents! If your student hasn’t made it out to Remix in a while, tomorrow is the perfect day to jump back in! Tomorrow we are continuing in our current series called dark(less), and taking time to celebrate all God is doing!

We will have FREE Ritas ice during pre-service (6:30pm) along with basketball and outdoor games. We want to give students time to celebrate together, connect with their small group leaders, and enjoy being at church!

Its important to remember to celebrate! As Christians is so easy to focus on everything that goes wrong in our lives and we forget to celebrate the victories. Something we like to say at Remix is “what we celebrate we replicate“. We believe that God is always at work in our lives for our good and for His glory. We don’t take this lightly! We want to celebrate the victories, trust God to continue to move, and rest in His grace. It may seem like free water ice, but its so much more. Its creating teachable moments so that our Remix students become people who trust God to move and celebrate when He does.