Darkless_00000Hey Remix students and parents! This week we kicked off our brand new sermon series called dark(less). Each week we will be looking at what it means to be missional. Jesus has called us “the light of the world”. We hope this series encourages and equips teenagers to go and make disciples, as well as learn the value of giving to missions.

Week 1 was all about what being missional looks like personally.

Sermon Recap: 

-Jesus called Himself the light of the World. Every person needs new life in Christ. The light of Jesus illuminates our sin, opens our eyes, and shows us the gospel.

-Jesus turns and called us the light of the world. Jesus gave us His name. We are His representatives, made in His image. Jesus made His invisible love visible by sending His church to illuminate the darkest places.

-The ultimate goal is the glorify God. We are the light of the world sent out to make disciples. We do all of this for the glory of God. Our purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. God is glorified when our actions and our words point lost and broken people to Jesus.

Application points: 

-See people as people: Every person is made in the image of God. Our light shines on the darkness so that people made in the image of God can be saved and restored by the gospel.

-Engage people as people: Don’t live in isolation. Put down snapchat and have a conversation. How many people do you see on a regular basis? How have you been a light in the darkness to them?


Family Talking Points:

-Parents, engage this content with your student(s) this week. As a family, reflect on the fact that Jesus has called you the light of the world. YOU reflect Him to a lost and broken world.

-Think of people your family sees on a regular basis. Put together a real-life family strategy to be a light in your neighborhood.