Life_Groups_LogoHey Next Gen Parents! Wednesday is over, and Sunday is coming up. This is the perfect time for you to connect with your student and ask them about what they have been learning about in either Clay or Remix.

Something that you may be hearing a lot from your student(s) are stories, lessons, or activities they may be participating in, in something we call life groups. We have structured our Next Gen ministry in a way that every kid and teen are connected to a group. In short, we believe that groups matter.

Here is why: A core value in Next Gen ministry is that we “can’t do life alone”. This means that we study the bible in groups, we pray in groups, we worship in groups, we serve in groups and we go and make disciples in groups. The truth is, that sometimes things happen in circles that just can’t happen in rows. No matter what age, we believe that the best way to grow is in community with one another. God designed us as relational beings. This means that at the root of it, we can’t grow an develop spiritually without being connected relationally.

So my challenge to us as adults is…if this is true for our kids and teens, it is also true for us. How have we began to connect with a community of believers that will help us grow, serve, learn, and make disciples? Here at Calvary, we want to make this easy for you. Thats why our connections ministry developed Life Groups (click here).  If you haven’t yet, get connected to a group. You may just discover that your church experience may shift from just information to life transformation!