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The Calvary Church board is pleased to announce that we are recommending Randy Eliason as next Lead Pastor for Calvary Church Wyncote.

Pastor Randy is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College, now Valley Forge University, in 1987. He is married to Christine Eliason, a native of the Philadelphia area. They have 2 grown sons, both living in Florida.

He was Assistant Pastor at Full Gospel Church in Queens NY and Church of the Resurrection in Syracuse NY over the 11 years after his graduation.

He then became Lead Pastor for the next 11 years at Sidney Assembly of God in Sidney NY.

Pastor Randy was invited to become the Executive Pastor at First Assembly of God in Binghamton NY when at that time, was running about 1,300 attendees. He has been there for the last 5 years. Executive Pastor’s position is directly under the Lead Pastor. Pastor Randy led the Pastoral Staff at that Church.

He has also been the Sectional Presbyter of the South Central Section of the NY District of the Assemblies of God for the past 8 years. This means that he not only has experience as Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor etc, but he also has been a Pastor’s Pastor of that Section.

Pastor Randy comes highly recommended to us from both the District Superintendent of the Penn Del District, Rev Steve Tourville and Dr. Durst, the District Superintendent of the NY District Assemblies of God.

Here is the process going forward:

Happening January 10th, 2016:

  • 9am and 11am Services: Pastor Randy will preach in both services January 10th.
  • 5pm: Meet and Greet/ Question and Answer time with Pastor Randy in the Sanctuary. You may write out questions for Pastor Randy ahead of time and:
    • Submit them online here.
    • Submit them at the box in the Connections Desk or via offering plates.
    • Ask them verbally at the meeting, time permitting. Questions received ahead of time will be asked first. Only the Calvary Board will have access to the questions, Pastor Randy will not see them ahead of time.
  • 6:30pm: Voting Business Meeting, where the members of Calvary Church will vote yes or no on Pastor Randy as the next Lead Pastor of Calvary Church.
  • Sectional Presbyter, Rev Bob Novak will lead the Business Voting Meeting at 6:30pm

Who is Eligible to Vote?

According to our Constitution and Bylaws, only members of Calvary Church are allowed to vote for Lead Pastor, HOWEVER:

All those who attend Calvary Church are invited to participate in the Meet/Greet and Q/A time at 5pm and attend the Voting Business meeting at 6:30pm. (even though not able to vote)

The board has unanimously voted to recommend Pastor Randy to you. We have been diligent to vet many candidates and be in prayer for God’s direction for our next Lead Pastor.  We are asking you to join us for a week of Prayer from Sunday January 3rd to Sunday January 10th. Pray for God’s discernment as we together determine God’s will for this position. Pray for unity of the Holy Spirit and Unity of Faith as we move together into what God has planned for us in the future. I am reminded what Pastor John communicated to us way back when he first knew God was leading him into retirement. What he sensed the Holy Spirit saying to him then and announced the Church body was:

  1. Trust the process that our Constitution and Bylaws has set forth for us
  2. Trust the Search Committee God has ordained to be in place for such a time as this and finally,
  3. Trust God and the leading of the Holy Spirit as Jesus leads his Church.

I rejoice at how the Holy Spirit has lead us to this point, and He will continue to lead us!

For more information on the pastoral search process, please see our constitution and by-laws here.

Note from Our Prayer Coordinator Rick Kilfeather:

Allow me to share the thoughts in my heart. (Concerning Prayer and Fasting Week). For weeks we have been praying for unity in the group of nine as well as the church. We have been praying for the Holy Spirit and His will to be front and center. Given the unanimous vote I believe that is the manifestation of God’s will. Taking Romans 8:28  I would suggest prayer that is bathed in praise and thanksgiving, being reminded that God inhabits the praises of His people. By doing this we as a church are professing our faith to God as defined in Hebrews 11.