God has moved during this trip in ways that are hard to capture and express in words.

Still, I believe it’s important to try. Our team from Calvary Church came to Africa with definite and well laid plans to bless our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the people in Namibia. While we have indeed had the opportunity to minister and bless others in various ways since arriving, God has used this experience to grow, stretch, and bless each and every single one of us as well. When we are willing to give ourselves away, God will use us and truly bless us. What an amazing God we serve!

School AssemblyWe were so blessed by the primary and secondary schools we were able to minister at this past week. Everyday this past week we woke up at the crack of dawn to prepare and minister at these schools. It wasn’t easy. Being up early in the morning to minister, ministering at various other places in the afternoon, and having our nightly revival meetings challenged us. We had to truly and solely rely on God for strength to press through and make it to the next day, but God’s mercy and grace covered us like a warm blanket.

One thing that truly amazes me is the freedom the children of Africa have to be able to have God as a part of their lives in school. Back at home it seems, the foundation that our country was founded on which is God, has been removed and a building engineer isn’t necessary to know that when you remove the foundation of a physical building, the building ultimately will collapse. We realize that there is much work to be done, not just here in Namibia but at home as well. Please pray that God will continue guiding us upon our return and that we will continue walking the mission field in our own towns, our own homes.

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, we had the privilege to sit with a group of teenagers from Otjiwarango Secondary School. The group was inquisitive and there was a definitely hunger for the Lord.  Some of the team members answered questions like;

“Does God count my sin?”

“When I’m praying for something and waiting on an answer from God but sin in the interim, does God change His answer?”

Some of the questions challenged our own team members but God gave us the wisdom and grace to answer. Glory be to God!

There were also team funds that were set aside for us to bless others if and when we saw the need. We were able to bless one of the sisters who has been faithful to the Ombili church for years, even when there were only two or three other faithful members. Sister Sippora runs a daycare and had been gifted DVD’s for the children at the daycare but unfortunately she had no television or DVD player to play the DVD’s on. We were able to use team funds to purchase the necessary equipment for her to have another method of teaching the love of Jesus.

Galatians 6:10 encourages us to bless and be good to those of the faith and we are grateful to be obedient to that command, as we believe we are fulfilling the desires of God to see His people blessed and edified.

As a result of Calvary Church’s generosity, Sue Stewart was able to donate $4,000 Namibian dollars to Child Evangelism Fellowship, an outreach program that reaches children from all over the Ombili location and provides them with Godly instruction and knowledge. They also help feed the kids which is a big struggle for a lot of the families in Ombili.

A few of the team members were able to visit with sick patients, including two patients who have AIDS. One was brought to Christ by the glory of God while the other came to church the next night to testify. She had been struggling with sleeping peacefully for over a year. She said demons would come and stand bedside and rob her of her peace at night but we serve a God who is Lord of the impossible. The next day after the team visited her, she was at church testifying how for the first time in over a year, she had a peaceful night’s rest. Isn’t God amazing?

One of the struggles we faced during our revival meetings at Ombili Assembly of God since we arrived  was getting adults to come to the church. Children were always lining up by the gate and front doors of the church, but not many adults showed the same enthusiasm. One of our team members had the idea to offer a free family photo to the families of Ombili that could be printed out at the end of the service, very similar to what we’ve done at the Hope4Philly outreach. We wanted to use what God had already equipped us with to make a difference. We saw God move in a very special way as a result of that family photo ministry and the first night, we had an amazing response. Once the adults were in the house of the Lord, they were fed the Word and afterward, team members went out into the church to pray for each family. We thank God for His blessing in that, as well as Rita’s cousin who donated funds that were to be used for these kinds of purposes.

Fruit of the SpiritOn Thursday of this week as we reached the end of our work in Otjiwarango and the Ombili location, we dug holes in the ground and filled them with rocks that had the fruits of the spirit and an accompanying Bible verse as a symbolic act of what we want to see grown in the church and neighborhood of Ombili.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self control.

We pray, believe, and trust that God will bring forth the fruit from the seeds we have helped plant. We believe that God will water the seed with his love an will nourish it with light and water from the fountain of living water. Amen!

Our hosts have been extremely gracious to us. We are grateful for Pastor Seth & his beautiful wife Julianna, as well as Missionary Mark Gardner and his wife Kim who have helped us immensely and have allowed themselves to be used by God by coming alongside of our pastoral team and guiding our way as we minister and do different outreaches.

Friday morning we headed toward the town of Tsumeb where we did more children assemblies and on Saturday we had an opportunity to do a prayer walk through the town. People were receptive and they were hungry. Although there is a great need for water and food and the town is impoverished, the spiritual hunger and thirst is far greater. We were blessed to be able to fill souls with the nourishment that won’t ever go bad. To give them water to drink from the well that will never run dry. After our prayer walk, we came back later in the day to do street evangelism. We pulled out all we had prepared; dramas, songs, puppets, and testimonies! People received the Word. People were told of God’s great sacrifice of love.

Sunday we partnered with Pastor Phillip and lead the service at Praise Assembly of God in Tsumeb.  Pastor Alex led worship, many of our team shared their testimonies, and Pastor John spoke an encouraging word of hope to that congregation!

As we prepare for our journey back to the US, we just want to thank the Calvary Church family for all of your prayers, and support. Without you, we would not have the opportunity to minister in the way we have. Though miles apart, we are all singular in purpose and the entire team expresses sincere gratitude and appreciation for your role and sacrifice in following God’s will. Each one of us has been blessed to give ourselves away in Namibia!

Be Blessed

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